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This page lists changes to platform architecture and excerpts from key areas of the documentation for configuration changes in this version.

API Changelog v3.2

See API Changelog v3.2 for changes to the Abiquo API

Changes to Public Cloud Support

  • New AWS region added
  • AWS Hardware profiles

In Abiquo 3.2, support has been added for Microsoft Azure

Hypervisor Support

Changes to KVM:

AIM - Abiquo Infrastructure Management

There are changes to AIM for Abiquo 3.2. The compatible AIM version is AIM 2.4.2

The following new properties have been added to a new [stats] section to manage statistics for metrics and monitoring:

  • collectFreqSeconds = 60

  • refreshFreqSeconds = 30

  • database = /var/lib/abiquo-aim.db

Changes to Privileges

Changes to Abiquo Configuration Properties

Changes to the User Interface

Tutorial files added

New sample tutorial files have been added at /var/www/html/ui/config

Label files have changed names

The current UI labels files should not be modified by customers.

Prior to upgrade, customers should

  • back up their custom and translated UI label files
  • copy their label files to the format lang_xx_XX_custom.json
  • update their files based on any changes to the lang_en_US_labels.json file and the API error messages files.

Google Maps JavaScript API version updated to version 3

Abiquo uses Google Maps for the map display, which requires the server to have Internet access. From Abiquo 3.2.2 onwards, the map view is optional and statistics can be shown instead. In new installations, the map view is the default for Infrastructure view. In upgraded installations, to enable the map view, set the appropriate property in the client-config.json file.

From 3.0 onwards, Abiquo uses the Google Maps Javascript API v3 to plot the datacenter locations on the map. Abiquo 2.0 used API v2, so you cannot use an old key with Abiquo 3.0. You should obtain a new key for Abiquo 3.0 onwards. However, the API will function without a key up to a certain number of requests.

From Abiquo 3.2.2 onwards, the Google maps API key should be added to the client-config.json file as described below.

Changes to Configuration View

New Configuration Options

New Wiki Links

The following wiki links are new in Abiquo 3.2:

  • Manage datacenter remote services

The following wiki links were changed in Abiquo 3.2:

  • Create storage device

  • Create storage pools
  • Edit tiers
  • Set global allocation rules
  • Set datacenter allocation rules

Changes to Enhancement Packs

No changes to enhancement packs for billing and reporting

Changes in Abiquo 3.2.x

  • Google properties
  • Tutorials configuration
  • Password recovery property