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In Abiquo 3.2.7 and above, you can choose some metrics that users will not be able to view.

To disable a metric in the Abiquo ESX plugin, so that Abiquo will not retrieve the metric, enter the appropriate metric property in the Abiquo Configuration Properties file on the Abiquo Server.

The properties to disable metrics are in this format with a metric name at the end of the property name.


To disable the collection and display of a metric, set the property to false. The metric name should be in lower case. For example:

abiquo.esxi.metrics.memory-vmmemctl = false

The metrics that can be disabled are:

  • cpu 
  • cpu-mz 
  • cpu-time 
  • memory 
  • memory-swap 
  • memory-swap2 
  • memory-vmmemctl 
  • memory-physical 
  • memory-host 
  • disk-latency 
  • uptime
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