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Introduction to Restore

When a backup integration is present in the cloud platform, the restore backups feature enables users to request restore of their backups previously performed with Abiquo.

A new privilege called "Restore virtual machine backups" has been added to enable users with this privilege to restore backups. By default in a new install, this privilege is assigned to the CLOUD_ADMIN and ENTERPRISE_ADMIN roles.

In the UI, on the Edit virtual machine popup, on the Latest backups tab, we have added a Restore link that will display beside a backup when the status is done or completed. And there is a new tab called Restore Requests. This tab will show the status of the restore requests.

A user can restore a backup if:

  • The user has the "Restore virtual machine backups" privilege
  • The backup status is exactly "done" or "completed" 


  • There is no restoreInfo for this backup
  • From Abiquo 3.2.5: The restoreInfo result is "failed" or "success"

As there have been changes to the main backup front-end feature in this version, this document includes the full Abiquo Backup Integration instructions.

Backup ID is required

Your integration must enter a new backup result id field with a unique ID for each completed backup. The restore feature will search for the ID to retrieve details of a completed backup

Changes to the Backup Feature in Abiquo 3.2

The changes to the main backup front-end feature in Abiquo 3.2 are:

  • Some metadata fields have become free text fields (this change was introduced in Abiquo 3.1.1, but customers upgrading directly from an earlier version may not have seen it yet)
    • The UI displays the content of the backup "type" field directly. It does not interpret the backup type integer and display it as a backup type
  • The backup status should be set to "completed" or "done" to trigger the display of the "Restore" link in the UI
  • From Abiquo 3.2.5: When a restore completes, the restoreInfo result can be set to "failed" or "success", and this will trigger the reactivation of the Restore link in the UI


Backups and Restore in the Abiquo UI

See Abiquo Backup Front-end#end-ConfigureVirtualMachineBackups

Backup Integration

See Abiquo Backup Integration

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