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A virtual machine template consists of at least one disk, which is a boot disk. 

Duplicate multi-disk templates

You can create a copy of a template with the duplicate template function. 

To clone a template, move the mouse over the template icon and open the template options menu, then select Duplicate template.

The Duplicate template dialog will open.

Enter a new name for the template so that you can easily identify it.

Select the disks to clone for the new template.


Download multi-disk templates from the remote repository

You can download Multi-disk templates from the remote repository in the same way as you download regular templates. All disks must be downloaded. 

After download you can edit the template.

Upload multi-disk templates from the local filesystem

Upload the system disk to create a single disk template then edit the template and add more disks.

When you upload a template from a local disk file, you should upload the system disk first and then edit the template to add further disks. The screens to upload templates are similar to the screens for editing templates. 

On the Disks tab, the only option is to upload from local disk.

When you upload a disk, you can enter disk options. Abiquo recommends that you upload a bootable system disk. 

The disk you upload is saved as the 0 disk in the sequence. If it is not a bootable system disk, then you should remember to move the disk to a different position in the boot sequence when you add a bootable system disk.

You can edit this disk but you can’t delete it. After you save the template, you can edit the template and add more disks.
On the Advanced tab, you can set the Operating system, User account credentials and NIC driver. 


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