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Instance Formats

In previous versions, Abiquo created an instance in the same format as the original template in the repository, even if the user was deploying a conversion of that template. Since Abiquo 3.4, the system administrator can configure the format of Abiquo instances. This configuration is for each hypervisor type in all datacenters managed through the Abiquo server. There are two options: a configured format and instance operation result format. The default is a configured format, as described below.

  • Configured format
    • This is the format set for the hypervisor type in the API server’s abiquo.properties file
    • Notes: usually requires conversions but uses less disk space
  • Instance operation result format
    • In general, this is the format of the virtual machine disk
    • On ESXi hypervisors, this is always the VMDK fixed format
    • Notes: users can always deploy the instance in the current VDC; reduces conversions

By default, or if you configure a specific format for a hypervisor type, Abiquo will use the configured format for all instances of VMs on that hypervisor in the datacenters managed by the Abiquo API Server. If you set the format to no value, Abiquo will use the the instance operation result format.

New Abiquo Configuration Properties for Configuring Instance format

The new properties to set a configured format are set by default for the Abiquo API server profile. These properties are not case sensitive.


To use the instance operation result format, edit your abiquo.properties file, add these properties and set them to no value, as shown here. Be careful not to add any spaces after the equals sign "=".


If you enter an invalid disk type, Abiquo will use the instance operation result format. However, if you enter a valid disk type but it is not supported by the hypervisor, Abiquo will attempt to produce this conversion.

Valid disk types

Valid disk types are formats that Abiquo converts to or from. See the Template Compatibility Table for more information and unsupported hypervisor combinations. In general, the supported formats are:

  • RAW

Abiquo retrieves these formats from the Abiquo API using a request to the DiskFormatTypes Resource.

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