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Disk controller types

It is now possible to specify and edit the disk controller type and controller through the UI.

Support for disk controller type and controller is determined by the hypervisor. See Hypervisor Features


Enter disk controllers on ESXi

Disk controller management is currently only supported on ESXi and it is the same feature that was previously available only through OVF and API at a template level, but is now also available when creating external storage volumes and auxiliary hard disks.

The following table shows how the driver information you enter will be interpreted.

Value entereddiskController saved in template and created on VMware
contains "bus"VirtualBusLogicController
contains "paravirtual"ParaVirtualSCSIController
contains "sas"VirtualLsiLogicSASController
other (default value)VirtualLsiLogicController

When you create a volume in an ESXi virtual datacenter, if you don’t enter a value for the disk controller, the default VirtualLsiLogicController will be used.

The Controller type and Controller are optional fields.

This is the same for auxiliary hard disks on the ESXi hypervisor datastore.


Abiquo only supports one type of SCSI controller per virtual machine. If you attempt to add more SCSI disks with different controllers, they will be ignored.

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