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General changes to the User Interface

  • Datacenters
    • Create Datacenter has been split into two tabs: General information and Remote services
      • A Next button has been added to take the user to the Remote services tab and prevent accidental creation of a datacenter with no remote services
    • Improved management of remote services in the UI
      • On the Datacenter/Public Cloud edit tab you can only add or remove from the datacenter or public cloud region
      • Users can only manage remote services from Remote Services tab in Infrastructure view
  • Virtual machine templates can now have multiple disks:
    • Create/edit template dialog has been split into three tabs: General information, Disks and Advanced
    • Download button has been moved to Disks tab and Edit disk dialog
  • Create persistent templates with multiple disks
    • Clone button has been removed from Create persistent templates
    • You can keep the window open and create multiple templates by clicking Start more than once
  • Disable and enable physical machine icons/buttons have been changed, including enable after HA button
  • When  creating a VM from an instance, template creation data (creation date and creation user) are i Instance list 
  • Edit VM storage
    • Create auxiliary disk has controller type and controller options
    • These are optional - users should only touch them if they know what they are doing
  • When you create a persistent volume (for a persistent template or in the virtual datacenter)
    • You can name the volume 
    • For a persistent template, the Description says it was created as a persistent template from the original template name
  • Changes related to Docker
    • Datcenter Apps library now has two modes: Docker and Hypervisor. Click on the link to load the search, filter and add/import buttons.
  • Create static routes has been removed from unmanaged networks. Note that it is still possible to create static routes in Abiquo for private networks in Public cloud, even though these are not supported by Abiquo.
  • Instances in the UI
    • In the Apps library, if the checkbox to display deleted templates is not selected, then instances of unavailable master templates are NOT shown in the main Apps Library view
    • In the Templates tab of the virtual appliance, instances of deleted templates are not displayed. If you wish to create a virtual machine from an instance of a deleted master template, first promote the instance to a master template.

Note about small screen sizes

  • Abiquo supports tablets, but icons may overlap. If you will require small screen sizes, you could adjust the main menu icon labels to contain shorter texts to ensure that no overlap occurs.

Note about template icon configuration

  • If the UI is served over HTTPs, template icons should also be served over HTTPS, otherwise errors may occur.

Configuration changes

  • You should now add custom UI options to c lient-config-custom.json

Other changes

  • There were a few occurrences of Automatic capitalization by CSS. This automatic capitalization has now been removed from the UI, so text must now be capitalized in the UI label files.


  • We have documented some optional elements that were previously added to fine-tune branding. See Abiquo Branding Guide
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