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Abiquo 3.6 supports graceful shutdown on ESX and KVM. Previously the Abiquo power-off button performed a hard power off of the virtual machine and the user was responsible for closing services prior to the power off. If users were not aware of this, there could have been problems with services that were not shut down properly.

In Abiquo 3.6, when the user clicks the power-off button, they are presented with the options to shut down or power off.

On ESX the VMware tools must be installed on the guest to enable graceful shutdown. After the user requests the shutdown, there may be some delay, and during this time, the user can choose to forcefully power off the virtual machine.

On KVM shutdown will use ACPI to perform the graceful shutdown so the ACPI daemon must be running on the virtual machine.

In the Abiquo API, the boolean gracefulShutdown attribute has been added to the virtual machine state object. If not supplied or false, the platform will perform a hard power off.