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Introduction to Mobility

Preparing Templates for Public Cloud

Export Templates in User Interface

To export a template, open the Apps library and select a private cloud datacenter.

Select the template and mouse over the template icon. From the options menu, select Export

From the following dialog, select private or public cloud.

For public cloud, select the public cloud provider and region. 

For private cloud, select the datacenter.

When exporting to private cloud, select disks from the template to export.  

When exporting to public cloud, select one bootable system disk.

Export Templates with Abiquo API

In the Abiquo API you can perform the export using the VirtualMachineTemplates Resource with the same method as is used for promoting an instance template. The datacenter repository should be the destination of the export and the request payload should contain a link to the virtual machine template to export. See VirtualMachineTemplateResource#Requestcreationofanewvirtualmachinetemplateinthedatacenterrepository