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Introduction to OVA upload

You can upload OVA files to the Apps library. The OVA files can contain multiple virtual machine disks. This feature improve interopeability by enabling customers to create templates from OVA files exported from VMware and OVA files obtained from the VM marketplace.  

To use this feature, the user must have the privilege to Upload virtual machine template. And the Abiquo platform must be configured to allow template upload.

To create an Abiquo template, the OVA file must contain compatible files, including a compatible OVF description and compatible disk files.

OVA upload in the UI

To upload an OVA file to create a new template, open the Apps library. Select the datacenter and refresh the template library if necessary. On the Virtual machine templates panel, click the + button and select Create from OVA file.

In dialog, click on Select file and select the OVA file.

Abiquo will display the filename. Click Save. Abiquo will upload the file and create the template.

When the template is ready, it will be available in the Apps library.

OVA upload using the Appliance Manager API

See Appliance Manager Template API Upload and Download