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Admin Guide 2. Cloud Node

This section describes how to install and configure cloud nodes for use in Abiquo. If you are integrating existing hypervisors, please check this section to ensure they are compatible and properly configured.

Cloud Node Installation and Configuration

Please read the Installation and Configuration sections for your hypervisors, even if they are already installed. You must check that your installation is compatible and configure your hypervisors so they will run properly with Abiquo.

Abiquo Cloud Node Components

A cloud node is a server where the virtual resources assigned to each user are deployed. 

Docker requires the Abiquo Pilot plugin.

VMWareHyper-V and XenServer do not require any additional software to be installed. However, you must read the Abiquo Administrator's Guide section for your hypervisor and check that your installation and configuration are compatible with Abiquo.

KVM requires Abiquo Infrastructure Management (AIM). AIM helps the Abiquo server manage the cloud nodes. Abiquo provides instructions for installing the Abiquo KVM component on the CentOS 6 operating system.