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Abiquo can serve static routes to virtual machines through the DHCP Server. The static routes are entered in Abiquo in the GUI where you create/edit the network:

Note that you cannot set static routes for unmanaged networks using Abiquo because machines on these networks do not connect to the Abiquo DHCP server.

Server Configuration for DHCP Classless Static Routes

The Abiquo DHCP Server configuration file (usually /etc/dhcpd.con) requires the following lines. These lines are automatically included in the DHCP Server of Abiquo Linux since version 2.0. The second line is Microsoft specific.

DHCP Leases File

When you enter the static routes (using the GUI or the API), Abiquo will format the classless-static-routes options and add them to the DHCP leases file, for example.

Client Configuration for DHCP Classless Static Routes

See Configuring VM Templates for DHCP RFC3442 Classless Static Routes


See DHCP Troubleshooting