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Docker metrics

Abiquo has integrated with Docker metrics and Docker to offer container metrics in Abiquo.

Abiquo provides all the metrics exposed by the Docker Stats API and extends it by providing detailed networking information directly from the containers.

Docker version

In Abiquo 3.8, the Abiquo Docker integration now supports Docker version 1.9.0, the latest stable version of Docker. Abiquo has also made several technical improvements to Docker and the integration environment. Note that Abiquo only supports Docker Registry v1.

Resource scheduling

Abiquo 3.8 has improved scheduling of resources for Docker containers. As before, the RAM assigned to a container is considered the required memory, but now CPUs can be shared between many containers. In Abiquo, 1 CPU equals 1024 CPU shares for the Docker container (the Docker default). This avoids the need for CPU oversubscription of Docker servers. RAM management has also been improved, ensuring that RAM is correctly freed when users undeploy containers.

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