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Introduction to hot add and hot reconfigure

Abiquo 3.6.x introduced CPU and RAM hot-add options for VM templates on ESXi hypervisors so that users could reconfigure VMs directly in the hypervisor. Abiquo 3.8.1 introduces hot-add in the Abiquo user interface. And it introduces hot-reconfigure of NICs and remote access, as well as hot reconfigure to add or remove SCSI disks. After you enable these options, you can reconfigure (using the Abiquo UI or API) a virtual machine that is ON or PAUSED without powering it off.


In Abiquo 3.8.1, the hot-reconfigure of disks does NOT support:

  • IDE disks
    • The platform will trigger an error message if you try to hot reconfigure these disks
  • Reorder of the boot sequence of SCSI disks EXCEPT removing disks or adding disks to the end of the boot order
    • Removing and adding disks are the only disk hot-reconfigure operations supported by ESXi and Abiquo
    • Abiquo recommends that you power off the virtual machine before making any other changes to the boot order
    • The platform will save other changes to the boot order but it will NOT implement them in the hypervisor
      • To implement changes to the boot order in the hypervisor, the user should:
        • Power off the virtual machine
        • Make another configuration change that will trigger a reconfigure, e.g. add a dummy disk to the end of the boot order

Enable hot-add and hot-reconfigure options in the user interface

Before you begin:

Enabling hot-add and hot-reconfigure options may have a performance penalty

To enable hot-add and hot-reconfigure options in a VM template:

  1. Edit the virtual machine template and open the Advanced tab
  2. Check that the Operating system and OS version are correctly set for your system
    1. See Modify a Template for Hypervisor#OperatingsystemandOSversion
  3. Select the appropriate hot-add and hot-reconfigure options for your virtual machine from:
    • CPU hot-add
    • RAM hot-add
    • Disks hot-reconfigure
    • NICs hot-reconfigure
    • Remote access hot-reconfigure
  4. Click Save

Now you will be able to reconfigure the selected elements of the virtual machine while it is powered on.


An example of enabling hot-add and hot-reconfigure options in a VM template using the API:

 Click here to show or hide the example

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