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Datacenter feature

Persistent storage is not available in public cloud regions in Abiquo 3.8

API Documentation

For the Abiquo API documentation of this feature, see Abiquo API Resources and the page for this resource StorageResources.

Abiquo Virtual Storage

There are two main types of virtual storage available in Abiquo: hard disks and volumes.

Abiquo supports all iSCSI storage for creating:

  • volumes of integrated storage with device management and storage as a service
  • volumes of generic iSCSI storage, where volumes are manually added by administrators
Abiquo also supports storage as hypervisor datastores for creating:
  • hard disks on the hypervisor datastore

In Abiquo, hard disks on the hypervisor datastore are deleted when the virtual machine they are attached to is undeployed. In contrast, volumes on external storage devices remain on the storage device after a virtual machine is undeployed. In Abiquo, external storage is persistent storage that is not part of the hypervisor datastore.  


The following table compares the characteristics of Abiquo virtual storage types.

Abiquo Storage

Hard Disks on Hypervisor Datastore

Volumes of Integrated External Storage

Generic iSCSI Storage

TerminologyHard disksVolumesVolumes
Hypervisor Support(tick) ESXi, Oracle, Hyper-V, XenServer
(error) KVM 
(error) XenServer: no NFS support 


  • Not persistent. Destroyed on undeploy
  • Not included in virtual machine instances




  • Hard disks created on hypervisor datastore
  • Mounted on IDE controller

Abiquo plug-in architecture manages the disk cabinet

Generic interface mounts an existing iSCSI LUN

Storage as a Service

  • Yes, users can manage virtual disks

Yes, users manage virtual disks

Not automatic



Automatic disk configuration discovery

Requires iSCSI information and volume size

Created by

Abiquo user

Abiquo user

  • Storage administrator creates disks on storage device
  • Cloud administrator adds disks to Infrastructure view
Storage levelVirtual machineVirtual datacenter, virtual machineInfrastructure, virtual datacenter, virtual machine

Control of Storage

Abiquo manages hypervisor datastore

Abiquo manages disk cabinet

Storage administrator manages the storage device



User can specify disk size

Cloud administrator can configure all parameters

Cloud administrator cannot control disk size or other parameters

Persistent VM SupportCannot store persistent virtual machine disksCan store persistent virtual machinesCan store persistent virtual machines
if the volume size is larger than the raw template disk size
Disk resizeUser can resize disks where supportedUser can resize disks where supportedUser cannot resize disks

This section describes how to manage persistent external storage devices in Abiquo. Users can then create volumes for their virtual datacenters. See  Manage Virtual Storage in Datacenters  and  Configure Virtual Machines .

Non-persistent hard disks are configured by cloud users directly for their virtual machines. See Configure Virtual Machines

Persistent Storage in Abiquo

There are two main types of persistent storage available to virtual machines in Abiquo: integrated managed storage and generic iSCSI storage.

  • Integrated storage devices are fully managed by Abiquo allowing users access to Storage as a Service. Integrated storage is:
    • Integrated iSCSI, where each volume has a LUN
      • LVM
      • Nexenta
      • NetApp
    • NFS
      • Any NFS device
  • Unmanaged storage can be accessed by Abiquo as a set of manually entered, pre-created volumes. Abiquo cannot communicate with the management interface of these devices to detect or manage the storage. Unmanaged storage is:
    • Generic iSCSI

For further information, see Abiquo Virtual Storage

  • ESXi has a LUN limit of 256 LUNs per cluster. Abiquo offers integrated NFS storage to enable more volumes to be created.
  • A single storage device IP can be used more than once in Abiquo if different storage protocols (iSCSI and NFS) are used.

The Storage Tab

To manage a datacenter's external storage, go to the Infrastructure View by clicking the Infrastructure button at the top of the main screen, click the datacenter in the list to view the Datacenter detail. Click the Storage tab to manage the external storage infrastructure.

Managed Storage

Abiquo can directly manage the following storage device types to provide storage as a service to cloud users:

  • iSCSI integrated devices
    • LVM
    • Nexenta
    • NetApp
  • NFS shares
    • Any NFS device

For iSCSI storage devices that are not directly supported, you can