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If you have the privilege to Manage virtual machine monitoring and it is configured in your virtual datacenter, you can enable the option to fetch builtin metrics from the hypervisor or public cloud region.

Enable Monitoring and Metrics

To enable virtual machine monitoring and metrics, work with a virtual machine that is powered off or undeployed.

Edit the virtual machine and go to the Monitoring tab.

Mark the fetch metrics checkbox. This will retrieve all metrics for the virtual machine.

Select from the available options, for example, for AWS, you can select detailed or basic monitoring.

The functionality and list of available metrics depend on the underlying virtualization technology and the platform configuration.

Select the individual metrics you would like to display for your virtual machine. Abiquo will always retrieve all metrics, so you can change the metrics to display at any time. And you can use any metric for alarms and alerts, even you do not display it.

Display Metrics for a Virtual Machine

On the virtual machine icon, click the Monitoring symbol to display the metrics. 

The metrics panel will open.

Select the refresh button  to update the display of a metric.

Select the filter button  to configure the display of the metric.

Set the

  • Granularity, which is how often the metric is sampled
  • Statistic, which determines how the raw values will be processed over time
  • "Last" period, which is how long the display will look behind at the processed data.
  • Metric dimensions
    • For metrics with more than one possible element being monitored, for example, multiple hard disks, you can display metric dimensions, which are metrics for separate elements.
    • To view metric dimensions, click Get dimensions. Select a dimension.
      • If no dimension is selected, the default value is the average of all dimensions

Click Accept to save the values.

To view the exact metric values in a call-out box, mouse over the monitoring graph line.

To create a highlight point, click on the metric graph line.

To simultaneously view the data for more than one virtual machine, use the virtual appliance monitoring view.