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Admin Guide 2. Cloud Node. XenServer

This page describes the procedure for installing and configuring a XenServer cloud node to integrate it in the Abiquo platform.

XenServer Installation

Important Post-install Step

Always perform the post-install step to prevent hypervisor problems.

To install XenServer, the installation ISOs must be downloaded from the Citrix site: http://www.citrix.com/

Download the Product Installer and the Linux Guest Support images. By default, XenServer only supports Windows Guests, so the Linux Guest Support ISO must be downloaded too if you plan to deploy Linux images.

Optionally, XenCenter can be downloaded and installed on another machine so you can manage XenServer from a user-friendly interface.

After you have downloaded the images, refer to the XenServer official installation instructions to install it on the cloud node. You can find them in the XenServer Documentation Index.

Important XenServer Post-install Step

With a default installation, the xapi daemon can crash because of lack of free disk space. To avoid this problem, connect to XenServer with SSH and modify /etc/logrotate.d/xapi adding "rotate 5" and "size 100M".

$ vi /etc/logrotate.d/xapi
/var/log/xensource.log {
    rotate 5
    size 100M
        /opt/xensource/bin/xe log-reopen 2> /dev/null || true