Abiquo 4.2

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Abiquo 4.2 - Changes to branding for new Guacamole integration for remote access to virtual machines

  • Guacamole tab title will be renamed with VM label.
  • Guacamole styling will load the default theme found at theme/default/css/theme_guacamole.css

Update branding for Abiquo 4.0 Upgrade

The following changes have been made to branding in Abiquo 4.0

  • Each Abiquo theme now has only one CSS file called theme.css that contains all CSS elements

The steps to upgrade branding are as follows:

  1. Create a main theme.css file and copy inside it the content of theme_unsecured.css and theme_secured.css in that order
  2. Set the new theme.css as the default theme. The default theme configuration will persist after Abiquo upgrades. See Abiquo Branding Admin Guide#Set a default theme
  3. Create enterprise theme.css files for individual tenants by renaming the theme_secured.css files to theme.css
  4. In Abiquo 4.0, the version of noVNC has been upgraded. To update the noVNC branding, add the appropriate elements to the theme_novnc.css file, as described in Branding noVNC
  5. You can also brand the WMKS console for vCloud director with the theme_wmks.css file

You can set a default theme using a symbolic link named "default" to the theme folder, or by copying the theme folder. See Abiquo Branding Admin Guide#Setadefaulttheme

In Action plan tree display, the VM name disappears when opening the action plan list. This is a CSS issue in the theme that can be fixed manually.

Edit the /theme/CLIENT_THEME/css/theme.css

Add these lines:

/* Set color to an open VM in the tree */
.virtual-appliance-control-list a .main-menu-section-link-active {
color: #051861; /* Or desired color */
/* Set color to a selected Action Plan */
.virtual-appliance-control-list .ab-topiclist-tree .ab-active a {
color: #FFFFFF; /* Or desired color */
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