Abiquo 4.2

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The Home view dashboard displays the cloud resource usage and by default it is the first screen that will display when you log in. The dashboard is organized on MetricsHybrid, and Optimization tabs. To return to this view from any other screen, click the Home "Q" icon. By default the platform displays the Metrics tab only; enable the other tabs by assigning the appropriate user privileges.

Privilege: Display hybrid dashboard tab, Display optimization dashboard tab, View bills, and Display VM cost view widget (hybrid tab)

For the Abiquo API documentation for this feature, see StatisticsResource

To jump to a virtual datacenter or VM double click on its name in the Virtual datacenters or VMs table. 

Display statistics of another enterprise

To display the dashboard statistics of an enterprise, click on the enterprise in the Enterprise list, or switch to the enterprise. The name of the selected enterprise will display above the dashboard panels.

Switch to another enterprise

Privilege: List all enterprises, Allow user to switch enterprise

To switch to another enterprise to administer that enterprise, click the switch enterprise button beside a name in the enterprise list. The name of the enterprise that you are currently using will be displayed beneath your username in the top right-hand corner of the screen. All your actions with virtual datacenters, virtual appliances, VMs and VM templates will apply to the current enterprise until you switch to another enterprise. When you log out and log in again, the platform will not reset the enterprise, unless your environment uses LDAP or OpenID for user management, in which case the platform will reset the enterprise at login.


When you are viewing the dashboard for another enterprise, you can double-click on a virtual datacenter, virtual appliance, or VM to jump straight to it. In this case, the platform will automatically switch you to the enterprise that owns the virtual infrastructure.

Dashboard tabs

The tabs on the Home view dashboard are as follows:

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