Abiquo 4.6

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This section contains basic NFS server troubleshooting.

Check the NFS configuration is correct on the Remote Services Server

Check that your config file has the correct settings for your NFS share. Assuming your NFS Server has the IP address The entries for nfs in file /opt/abiquo/config/abiquo.properties should look like the example below

If you make any changes to the abiquo.properties file, restart the Abiquo Tomcat server

service abiquo-tomcat restart
Check the NFS Repository is mounted

Now that the Abiquo Platform has been installed, we need to make sure that the NFS Repository used to store the VM Templates and VM disk conversions is mounted on the Abiquo Remote Services host and the Abiquo V2V Services host (See VM repository folder).

Assuming your NFS Server has the IP address, log in to the Abiquo Remote Services host and make sure the NFS share you specified during the Remote Services install is mounted at /opt/vm_repository and the proper config has been added to the /etc/fstab file:

Do the same thing on the Abiquo V2V Services host.

Check the .abiquo_repository file is present on the NFS share.

Create it otherwise:

touch /opt/vm_repository/.abiquo_repository

You can issue that command from the Remote Services host for example, once the NFS share has been mounted on the host.