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For Azure partners (CSP account), a customer can display a billing dashboard without using Azure's compute features in the platform. To display the dashboard, the customer does not need to create an Application in the provider, and you can enter credentials without the app_id attribute.

Before you begin:

  1. From Azure, obtain the Subscription ID and the Tenant ID
    1. The Subscription ID must be under the Azure plan subscription, NOT the main Azure plan Subscription ID
  2. In Abiquo, check that the customer enterprise has a reseller enterprise in the same scope
    1. The reseller enterprise must have valid Credentials on the Pricing tab because the platform will validate the customer Subscription and TenantId using the reseller's credentials

To add customer credentials for billing only:

  1. Go to Users → edit enterprise →  Credentials → Public
  2. Select the appropriate Azure provider

  3. Enter the credentials in the following format

    1. Access key ID:

    1. Secret access key: Enter any value

  4. Click Add account to save the credentials. The platform will not validate the account details until it retrieves billing data from the provider

For this customer, the platform will display billing data on the Hybrid billing dashboard. The customer will not be able to use the compute features of the provider in the platform.

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