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This page contains suggested labels for Abiquo


A abiquo abiquoserver about access account accounting accounts action actions activate active adapter add add-ons addon address addresses admin administer administrator administrators aggregate aim all allocated allocation allocationlimit allocationlimits allow allowed allvirtualmachines am amazon ami antiaffinity aong api apierror apiexamples appliance appliancelibrary appliancemanager application applications approve apps appslib arch aria ascii assign assigned associate association atmosphere attach attempt auth authentication authorization authtype automate automation auxiliary availability available aws azure B back backup backups balancer balancers balancing base best billing black block boot bootable bootstrap bpm brand branding browser builtin bus business buttons C cache cancel capture card cassandra catalog catalogue categories category centos centos6 certificate certificates change changes charge charges check checks chef chrome citrix client clone cloud cloudadmin cloudsigma clouduser code codes collectd communications compatibility compatible compile component components compute concepts config configre configuration configure connect connected connection connections connector container containers continue control controller controllers conversion conversions convert cookie copy cores cost cpu cpus create credentials css csv currencies currency current custom customization customize D data database datacenter datacenters dataontap datapoints datastore datastores dbms dcom default define definition delete dependencies deploy deployed design detach details detect dev device devices dhcp dhcprelay dhcpv6 digital directory disable discoverymanager disk disks display distributed docker docs documentation domain done download drive driven driver droplet dto duplicate dvs dynamic E ec2 edit egress elastic email enable enabled end endpoint engine entadmin enterprise enterprises entity error errors essential essentials estimate esx esxi event events example examples exclusion export exposed extended external F-G factor failed features fetch fetching file files filesystem filter firefox firewall firewalls fit fixed flat flex floating folder force format freerdp frequency front frontend gateway gce general generic global google granularity group groups guest gui guide H ha hard harddisk harddisks hardware hba health help hierarchy high highavailability highavailabilty home how howto howtos hp hpcloud html5 http hybrid hyper hyperv hyperv3 hypervisor hypervisors I iams icmp icons id ide identifier ie igroup igroups image images import imported in incoming independent info information infrastructure ingress initiator inprogress install installation installer instance instances integrate integrated integration interface interval intro ip ipmi ips ipv4 ipv6 iqn iscsi iso issue iva J-K javase kairosdb key keyboard keymaps knowledge kvm L l8n label labels lang language languages layer layers ldap legal level levels library libvirt licence licencing license licenses lics limit limitations limits links linux list lists live load local localization localizaton localize location locations locked log logged login logo logout logs lsilogic lun lvm M m machine machines macintosh mail manage managed management manager manual map mapping mappings maps master memory message messages metadata metric metrics microsoft migration mobility mode model modify monitoring monolithic mount move multiple mysql mysql55 N needed needs netapp network networking networks networkservicetype new nexenta nfs nfsrepo nic nics node nodecollector nodes nonmanaged not notes nst O oauth obtained ocean off on onboard open openstack operating optimized options oracle oraclevm order organize os ostype osversion outbound ova overview ovf P parameters password patch pause pending pendingtasks per performance period permission permissions persistent physical pilot ping platform plugin poc policy polling pool popup port portal ports postinstall power powered practices prepare prereq prerequisite prerequisites prerequisities presets prices pricing private privatenetwork privilege privileges problem process profile profiles promote properties property protocol protocols provider provision proxy public publicdatacenter publlic purchase purchased push Q qcow qos quickstart R rabbitmq rack rackspace ram range rate raw rdp recipes recommended reconfigure redhat redis reenable reference refresh regedit region regions register registered registry relay release releasenotes remote remoteservice replace report reporting reports repositories repository repositorylocation request requests required rescan reservation reserve reserved reset resize resolution resource resources response restart restore restrict restricted restriction result results retreieve retrieve retrieved role roles root rotate route routes routing rs rsa rule rules run runlist S safari samba sample sas schema scope scopes screen script scsi sdk search secondary secret security self send sequence server servers service servicenetwork services session sessions settings setup severity share shared sign signed single singlesignon skills smb snapshots socket softlayer source space sparse specifications ssl ssm sso stack start state states static statistics storage storagemanager store stream streaming style subscribe summary support supported supports suspend switch swtich sync synchronization synchronize system systemproperties systems T table tablet tag tags task tasks tcp technical template templates tenant tenants test theme thin tier tiers timeout timeouts tips to token tomcat tool toupdate tracer tracers translate translation trial tricks troubleshoot troubleshooting trunk tutorials two type types U udp ui unavailable undeploy unknown unmanaged up update upgrade upload url usage use used user users utf V v22 v23 v24 v24v26 v26 v2v v2_2 v30 v31 v311 value vapp vappha variables vbox vcenter vcpu vdc vdcs vdi vendor version versions vfiler vhd vhdx view virtio virtual virtualappliance virtualbox virtualdatacenter virtualdatacenters virtualfactory virtualize virtualmachine virtualmachines virtualstorage vlan vlans vm vmdk vmotion vmrepository vms vmware vmx vnc vnic volume volumes vpc vsm vswitch W-Z warning white whitelabel wiki wikilinks windows work workflow xen xencenter xenserver zone zones zookeeper zuora 0-9 256 2fa