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This document describes the steps to migrate the NFS repository to a new NFS destination. This procedure has been tested on Abiquo 2.4. We will explain the migration for an environment with the following separate elements:

  • Abiquo Server
  • Abiquo RS
  • Abiquo BPM (V2V)
  • KVM hypervisor
  • ESX hypervisor

Migration steps

1. Synchronize the NFS from the destination NFS (you will need rsync)
#> mount -t nfs ORIGIN_IP:/opt/vm_repository /mnt
#> mkdir /opt/vm_repository
#> rsync -avvv /mnt/ /opt/vm_repository/
Be careful to put the "/" at the end of the folder name as in the example, to make the copy correctly


2. Stop Abiquo Server, Abiquo RS and Abiquo BPM

Stop the servers in the correct order: 1. Abiquo Server, 2. Abiquo RS, 3. Abiquo BPM (V2V)

3. Synchronize the NFS again from the destination NFS

It is necessary to repeat the synchronization in case there are any changes

4. Update database and set the correct value for the repository
mysql> select * from repository;
| idRepository | idDataCenter | name               | URL                             | version_c |
|            1 |            1 | virtual image repo | |         0 | 
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

mysql> update repository set URL = "NEW_IP:/opt/vm_repository" where idDatacenter = <YOUR_DATACENTER_ID>;
5. Update mount point on Abiquo RS, Abiquo BPM and all KVM hypervisors
#> vi /etc/fstab

** Modify:
** /opt/vm_repository  nfs defaults    0 0
** For:
** NEW_IP:/opt/vm_repository /opt/vm_repository  nfs defaults    0 0

#> umount -l /opt/vm_repository
#> mount /opt/vm_repository

If you have updated the repository for KVM hypervisors, restart abiquo-aim

#> /etc/init.d/abiquo-aim restart

 For your ESX hypervisors, you don't need to do anything, but we advise you to delete the old repository from the storage view manually

6. Edit /opt/abiquo/config/abiquo.properties on Abiquo RS
** Modify the property abiquo.appliancemanager.repositoryLocation and set the new IP of the NFS.
abiquo.appliancemanager.repositoryLocation = NEW_IP:/opt/vm_repository
** Do the same if you have set the following values in your environment:
7. Start Abiquo BPM, Abiquo RS and Abiquo Server 

Restart the servers in the correct order: 1. Abiquo BPM (V2V), 2. Abiquo RS, 3. Abiquo Server

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