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Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 4.7.1 introduces some changes to the API for VMs, including a new “light” version of the VM DTO and some VM metrics values.

Light virtual machine entity 

The new virtualMachineLightDTO is a reduced version of the VM entity that contains a subset of VM attributes including:

  • label
  • name
  • remote console to access
  • icon
  • hardware profile
  • state
  • cpu
  • cpu average
  • ram
  • ram average
  • basic links (vdc, vapp, and so on)

This will be especially useful for developers when they are working with large numbers of VMs.

Virtual machine metrics attributes

The VM entity now includes some metrics values for average CPU and RAM usage for the last 30 days. These attributes are also included in the "light" version of the VM entity.

Together with the light VM entity, these attributes will enable the platform to efficiently display VM performance indicators on the VM icons in the new user interface in Abiquo version 5.0.

Deallocated VMs in Azure

The VM entity now has a boolean attribute to indicate that a VM is deallocated in Azure, which is used by the user interface.