Abiquo 5.2

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Back up the Abiquo UI

In addition to regular backups, we recommend that you make a quick backup of the UI before enabling branding.

To back up the Abiquo UI:

  1. Log in to a shell on the Abiquo server with a user with root permissions and make a copy of the UI folder

    mkdir /opt/abiquo/quick_ui_backup
    tar cvfz /opt/abiquo/quick_ui_backup/ui_`date +%Y%m%d`.tar.gz /var/www/html/ui/

Upload themes and logos to the Abiquo UI

Upload an optional default theme to style the login screen and your enterprise themes, including the image files.

Note that the abicloudDefault folder contains the predefined default theme; do not overwrite this folder or the login screen will not display correctly.

  1. Compress your theme folder
  2. Log in to the Abiquo Server and copy your theme to theme folder
    • The theme folder is /var/www/html/ui/theme
    • For example, using wget from the Abiquo Server to a Linux machine

      wget myuser@mymachine:~/Downloads/mytheme_base_theme.tar.gz /var/www/html/ui/theme
  3. Move or copy any existing theme with this name to another folder name

    cd /var/www/html/ui/theme
    mv my_custom_theme my_custom_theme_backup
  4. Extract the theme (which will OVERWRITE any theme with the same name). For example, when the theme was compressed with tar and gzip

    tar -zxvf my_custom_theme.tar.gz

    Remember to check the file ownership and access settings, because the Abiquo Tomcat server will need to access the branding files

Edit UI configuration to add new themes to Enterprise menu

To add new themes to the enterprise menu, edit the UI configuration:

  1. Log in to a shell on the Abiquo server as a user with the appropriate permissions (e.g. root or sudo user)
  2. Edit the client-config-custom.json file to add new enterprise themes

    cd /var/www/html/ui/config
    vi client-config-custom.json
  3. Edit the file and add the base theme and the custom themes as an element within the brackets { and }. 

     "client.themes": [

    You must add abicloudDefault or the user interface will not load properly. Check your JSON file format with a JSON checker to ensure that the UI will load properly