Abiquo 5.1

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Introduction to Abiquo Reporting

Abiquo Reporting is an Abiquo plugin that offers integration with a Jaspersoft standalone reports server web service. Abiquo Reporting allows access to the reporting system from within the Abiquo user interface and authentication on the reports server with Abiquo user credentials. Abiquo Reporting includes a JasperReports Server repository with an Abiquo theme and a set of basic Abiquo reports that our customers can use as the basis for their own reports based on data from the Abiquo platform. Abiquo Reports, themes and the authentication module can be obtained from Abiquo Support directly. JasperReports Server features:

  • Web-based UI and also a Web Service API
  • Reports can drill down into different layers of detail
  • Report output in many formats (PDF, CSV, Flash, DOCX, RTF, ...)
  • Report output can include charts and images
  • Automatic scheduling and delivery of reports, including by email
  • Reports can be created using separate Jaspersoft iReport application on Windows or Mac
    • Use Jasper Studio for Eclipse in Linux


  • Community Edition of Jaspersoft JasperReports Server
  • Bespoke Spring authentication plugin for JasperReports Server
  • JasperReports Server repository
    • JasperReports Server 'Theme' based on Abiquo user interface
    • Abiquo Reports is integrated with the Abiquo Privileges system

Report Types

Abiquo Reporting offers several different report categories. See the Reports section of the user manual for a description of the reports.

Abiquo Reporting offers several different report categories including cloud operations, planning, audit and compliance and end user reports.


  • Reports use many Abiquo database tables, not just the Accounting tables.
  • All reports support the use of parameters to control the report presentation and filter report content.

Technical Overview

The Abiquo Jaspersoft Integration includes the Abiquo Jasperspoft authentication plugin and the Jaspersoft Tomcat hosted application. Ideally, Jaspersoft should be run on its own dedicated server. The Jaspersoft plugin uses the Abiquo API for authentication and then reads the SQL database directly. The plugin allows the authentication of a Jaspersoft user and provides SQL row-level security for the execution of SQL statements. The integration has been tested with the open source version of Jaspersoft (jasperforge.org) and MySQL (MariaDB) and PostgreSQL. Jaspersoft has a small internal database for users and report metadata. It can be installed locally or on a database cluster. It works with both MySQL and PostgreSQL. iReport is a report design program for working with Jaspersoft reports on Windows and Macintosh. On Linux use Jasper Studio for Eclipse.