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Author: Xavier Thevenot

To enable users to easily open external links, configure the platform to display an additional icon in the main menu.

The external links menu will open from the icon.

Each external link will display for specific role IDs. The platform will only display the external links button if the user's role has at least one allowed link.

To configure the new icon do these steps:

  1. In client-config-custom.json file, configure the "client.header.externalurlicons" client property

    External URL
    "client.header.externalurlicons" : [
                "url": "https://www.abiquo.com",
                "icon":"fa fa-user",
                "roleIds": [ 1,2,3]
                "url": "https://www.google.com",
                "icon":"fa fa-google",
                "roleIds": [1]
  2. The property is a list of url objects and for each object you can set following attributes:

    urlStringtrueThe url of the external link that will open in a new browser window"https://www.abiquo.com"
    iconStringfalseYou can add an icon to your external link. You can specify a valid FontAwesome icon code"fa fa-google"
    labelStringtrueThe label displayed for the external link"Abiquo"

    The code to display the label in each of the available platform languages. You can define labels in each lang_XX_custom.json file with the format "mainmenu.button.externalurlicons.label.(labelCode)" For example, labelCode="abiquo":

    • lang_en_US_custom.json "mainmenu.button.externalurlicons.label.abiquo" :"Abiquo website",
    • lang_es_ES_custom.json "mainmenu.button.externalurlicons.label.abiquo" :"Página web de Abiquo",
    roleIdsArraytrueThe array of role ids allowed to display the external link. To obtain role IDs, use the methods of the Roles resource of the Abiquo API[1,2,3]
  3. In the language file, for example, "/var/www/html/lang/lang_en_US_custom.json", add the appropriate labels, for example:

      "mainmenu.button.externalurlicons.label.abiquo" :"Abiquo website",
      "mainmenu.button.externalurlicons.label.google" :"Google search engine"
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