Abiquo 5.3

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In Abiquo 5.2.1, you can specify enterprise properties with tenant metadata to inject into your VMs. This functionality will enable you to customize default automation values per cloud tenant. For example, you can add a cloud-init script to connect to an external Windows License or AD server and automatically assign your VMs to the appropriate AD group.

The platform will save the specified enterprise properties as VM variables. When you deploy the VMs, the platform will add these variables to the VMs using cloud-init.

Any existing VM variables and template variables with the same name will have priority over variables from enterprise properties.

And all users who can edit the VM can modify VM variables before they deploy the VM.

Remember that enterprise properties have different visibility, depending on user privileges.

  • Users with the privileges to Allow user to switch enterprises and the Manage enterprise properties privilege can manage all properties, including hidden, read/write, and read_only properties.
  • Users with the privilege to Allow user to switch enterprises can manage read/write properties and get read_only properties.

For details of how to specify the properties to inject, see Inject enterprise properties as VM variables

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