Abiquo 5.2

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Abiquo 5.1 introduces more control over address ranges in public cloud. In previous versions, the platform automatically created and named virtual datacenter network elements. Now, when users create a VDC, they can specify the address range for the VDC to use as part of a custom private network configuration. The platform will then use this address space to define the virtual datacenter network and create the private networks as subnets in this address space.

There is a new Address ranges tab in the Network section of the virtual datacenter. Here the user can create, synchronize, and delete address ranges.

Abiquo has also improved the naming conventions for virtual networks in Azure. Abiquo now creates the virtual network with the same name as the VDC. And Abiquo creates a subnet (private network) with the name of the private network. The Provider ID of the network in Abiquo will have the format "region/VDC/network_name" for example, "abiquo-uksouth/ABQvdcAzureARM-uksouth510/Private_network_2".

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