Abiquo 5.2

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In Infrastructure view, on the Virtual machines tab you can view and manage all VMs in the enterprises and datacenters and public cloud regions that you can access.

To filter the search, use the main Search box, to search on the VM name. Or use the Filter button, to search on fields such as:

  • VM name
  • VM label
  • Fully qualified domain name
  • Enterprise
  • Datacenter
  • Public cloud region
  • Rack 
  • Machine

The search and filter operations accept text strings and they support wildcard searches. See Starting Abiquo for the First Time#Searchinlists

To change the display of columns, click the columns configuration button and select or deselect columns. 

To sort the data, click on a column header. To reset the sort to the default order, click the Filter button, then click the Clear link.

To jump directly to a virtual datacenter (VDC) or a virtual appliance (VApp), click on its Name. The platform will take you to Virtual datacenters view and open the VDC or VApp and if necessary, it will automatically switch your user to the enterprise that owns it. The platform will save your search for when you return to the Virtual machines tab.

If the VM is deployed, to jump directly to the hypervisor, click on the Hypervisor type. This functionality is also available to administrators on the Virtual machines tab in the Virtual datacenters view. 

To display the VM Details panel, click on the VM Name or another part of the VM in the list (except the VDC name or VApp name).

API Documentation

For the Abiquo API documentation of this feature, see Abiquo API Resources and the page for this resource VirtualMachinesAdminResource.

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