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If your provider offers firewall policies, first create them in your virtual datacenters, then assign firewall policies to your VMs.

Privilege: Assign firewall

To assign a firewall from the virtual datacenter to a VM:

  1. Go to Virtual datacenters → edit VM → Firewalls
  2. Mark the required firewall policy with a tick in the Firewall policies checklist
  3. Click Save or continue editing the VM as required


  • If you cannot assign more firewall policies, check your cloud provider's limit. For example, for AWS, see http://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonVPC/latest/UserGuide/VPC_SecurityGroups.html#VPCSecurityGroups
  • If your provider's default firewall policy does not display, you may need to synchronize your virtual datacenter or firewall policies before you continue
  • If an expected firewall policy does not display, for example, a firewall policy that you recently created, you may need to wait for the firewall policy to propagate through the provider's API because of eventual consistency
  • You can remove the default firewall when editing a VM. However, if the provider requires a firewall and you do not supply another one, the platform will assign the default firewall again.

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