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Abiquo 5.0 introduces support for Availability Sets in Azure to enable users to separate workloads for high availability. All of the VMs in an availability set must be in the same Azure Virtual Network, which means they must be in the same Abiquo virtual datacenter. To add a group of VMs to an Azure load balancer, you must have all the VMs to the same availability set.

This feature requires new privileges:

  • Manage availability sets
  • Assign availability set to VM

To display the availability sets in a region:

  1. Select All virtual datacenters and the region
  2. Go to Network → Availability sets. 

You can create an availability set at the regional level and later assign it to a virtual datacenter.

To display the availabilty sets in a virtual datacenter:

  1. Select the virtual datacenter 
  2. Go to Network → Availability sets.

When you create an availability set, enter a Name that is unique in your location (public cloud region) because the availability set is created in Azure at the level of the cloud location.

Azure documentation (see reference below) explains fault domains and update domain attributes as follows:

An update domain is a group of VMs and underlying physical hardware that can be rebooted at the same time.

VMs in the same fault domain share common storage as well as a common power source and network switch. After a user creates an Availaiblity set, they can select it when they are create a VM, as for private cloud layers.

When you create a VM, you can select an Availability set. This is similar to the VM layers feature in private cloud.

Before a user deploys a VM, to change the availability set, the user can edit the VM and select another availability set.

If the user does not deploy the VM before the VDC is synchronized, the platform will remove the VM from the Availability set during the synchronization process.

After an upgrade, to display availability sets that were not present in the platform with deployed VMs, the user should synchronize the virtual datacenter or networks.

For more information about Azure Availability sets, see Azure documentation, for example, https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/azure/virtual-machines/windows/tutorial-availability-sets.

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