Abiquo 5.3

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Abiquo 5.2 introduces support for standard SKUs with standard public IPs and standard load balancers, in addition to basic SKUs.This enables users to work with more advanced load balancing features.

Standard SKU public IPs

Standard SKU load balancers require Standard SKU public IPs. So now when you create public IPs for Azure, you must select the Resource group. And you can now select the Type, which represents the Standard or Basic SKU. 

Standard SKU load balancers

When you create a load balancer, again you must select the Resource group. And you can then select the Standard SKU as the Type. Then the platform will adapt the dialog to the SKU type.

Abiquo automatically displays the appropriate health checks for each type of load balancer. You should check the Azure documentation for the type of health check that will match your routing rule.

And remember that when you create your VMs, if you want to add them to a load balancer, you must add the VMs to an Availability set.

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