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Introduction to backups

In private cloud datacenters, Abiquo offers optional backup plugins that support popular backup systems, such as Veeam and Networker for use with VMware hypervisors. Abiquo also supports the use of VMware snapshots for instant backups.

For details of how to configure the backup plugins, see Abiquo Backup Plugins. Each backup plugin is a separate module that requires its own license.

Display backup policies in datacenters

To display backup policies in datacenters:

Privilege: Access infrastructure view and private DCs, View datacenter details, Manage datacenter backup configuration, Manage devices

  1. Go to Infrastructure → select datacenter → Servers view → Backup policies tab.

Create the backup manager for a datacenter

To work with a backup system in Abiquo:
  1. In Infrastructure view, in a datacenter or public cloud region, go to Backup policies
  2. Click the Backup manager button
  3. Enter the details of the backup manager to define the connection to the backup system.
    • Abiquo does not fully validate the connection details so we recommend that you test the backup lifecycle. A connection will be made to the backup system when a user requests a backup operation. A connection will be made to the vCenter (Networker) when the user requests a restore.

NameName to identify backup manager
TypeSelect the backup plugin type. After you save the backup manager, you cannot edit this attribute

This is the URL for connecting to the backup system API. Tip: When adding a Veeam backup manager, don't forget to add the slash "/" at the end of the URL.

Veeam 9.5u4 example: http://veeam.host.domain:9399/api/
Veeam 10 example: https://veeam.example.com:9398/api/

Networker example: https://networker.host.domain:9090/nwrestapi/v3/global


User for the backup system.

For Networker, enter the Networker user, then add the separator character (configurable with default '#'), and then the vCenter user.


Password for the backup system.

For Networker, enter the Networker password, then add the separator character (configurable with default '#'), and then the vCenter password.

Note: For networker vCenter credentials are mandatory. Networker uses the credentials for the "Restore a VM when it is not allocated" option

When editing the backup manager, you can modify all values except the backup type. If you change the backup manager, future requests to the backup system will use the new values. 

Configure Backup Policy Properties

To configure the backup properties:
  1. Go to Infrastructure → select a datacenter → Backup policies
  2. Click the Edit properties button and configure the backup properties that are described in the following table.

Enable multiple restoreAllow users to restore a backup more than once. If enabled, when the backup status is failed or success, the Restore link in the UI will activate again.
Enable multiple backup policiesAllow users to select more than one backup policy for a VM
Enable update when deployedAllow users to change backup policies and backup details when a VM is deployed
Enable backup nowDisplay a Backup now button on the Backup tab that will enable users to request an immediate manual backup.
  • The Abiquo Networker backup integration supports this option
  • The Veeam+Snapshot and VMware snapshot plugins use this option to take VM snapshots

Create Backup Policies

Administrators create backup policies to present backups to cloud users for self-service.

To create a new backup policy:

  1. In your datacenter's infrastructure, go to Backup policies
  2. Click the + add button and enter the details as described below.

General info

General Info

NameName of the backup policy that users can select

The Code that identifies the policy and that must be unique in the datacenter. Abiquo may use the Code attribute to match policies that the administrator already created in the backup system

DescriptionDescription of the backup policy to help users identify it

After you enter the General info, select the backup type:

  • The Abiquo backup integrations only support Complete backups

Complete backup

Example backup configuration of Complete backup

Defined hour

Backup at a defined date and time. Date format is yyy/MM/dd HH:mm:ss +0000.

The Veeam backup integration does not support this option


Backup every day at a defined time. Time format is HH:mm:ss +0000


A backup every month at the defined time. When the user enters a time it is in the format HH:mm:ss, and the user must select the UTC offset. This option is designed to enable the system administrator to define the monthly backup day in the backup integration.


A backup at an interval of hours. Enter an integer less than 24.

Weekly planned

A backup every week on defined days at a defined time. When the user enters a value, the format is HH:mm:ss, and the user must select the UTC offset.

For each field in the backup type, the Cloud Admin can choose how to set the values: 

FixedThe value is set by the Cloud Admin as part of the backup policy
Don't applyThe value is set by the backup system
Define in VMThe user must set the value and will require the appropriate privileges

After you create a policy, you must allow the tenants to use the policy for their VMs:

  1. You will need to edit the enterprise and its Allowed datacenter on the Backups tab.
    See Configure an Enterprise in a Cloud Location#Allowatenanttousebackuppoliciesinadatacenter.
  2. By default the privileges that allow users to configure backups of their VMs are only assigned to the Cloud Administrator role.
    Assign them to your user roles as required.

Update backup policies

When a backup policy is assigned to a VM, the administrator may only edit the general information, which is the Name, Code, and Description of the backup policy.

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