Abiquo 5.1

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In Abiquo 3.10, pricing per datacenter was added to the main product.

To bill per datacenter for CSV format, set the following property to true:

  • datacenter

The following new usage options were added in Abiquo 3.10

  • cpu_on
  • cpu_off
  • mem_on
  • mem_off
  • firewall
  • loadbalancer
  • local_tier_storage_usage with storage tier names as local_tier_storage_X


In Abiquo 4.2, Abiquo released billing version 4.0.1, compatible with Abiquo 4.x. Added "bill_day_of_month" property to define the periods of billing aggregation on a monthly level.


Do not store rows with 0 values to optimize space.

Support for custom SQL queries at enterprise and VDC level.

Support for DC_ID variable that contains the Datacenter ID. Useful when grouping billing by datacenter using the dc_grouping property.

See Create custom billing usage queries with SQL

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