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Abiquo 5.0

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The Abiquo Avamar backup plugin was deprecated in Abiquo 4.7.0

Configure Avamar backup properties

To configure Avamar backup in Abiquo, configure the backup properties:

  1. Log in to the Abiquo Remote Services server
  2. Go to /opt/abiquo/config and edit the avamar.properties file. This is the default location and you can configure it as required in your abiquo.properties file.
  3. Add the following properties. 


## Replication policies
# This property should contain a comma separated value list of all
# the replication policies and the site where they belong. Each element in
# the list should be encoded following the pattern site:policyName.
# Example: siteA:replicationToB,siteB:replicationToA
# Manual backup must use a retention policy. This is a comma-separated value

# Manual backup must choose a dataset. This is a comma-separated value

# A manual backup can be configured to be backed up to remote.
# Use the property avamar.backupnow.remotes.index to define which index
# of remote data domain each site should use, which must satisfy the following
# convention:
#     Site A:3,Site B:2,Site A-stretched:1

# Configuration files

# vCenter host, port, and credentials for use with Avamar

Configure Abiquo properties

To activate the backup plugin and define the location of the properties file, on the Remote Services server, edit the abiquo.properties file and set the abiquo.backup.avamar.config.path property


Remember that you will need to restart the Tomcat server for the changes to take effect.