Abiquo 5.3

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Supported versions and prerequisites

The Abiquo Veeam+Snapshot backup plugin supports VMware hypervisors.

The Abiquo Veeam+Snapshot backup integration supports the following Veeam Backup & Replication versions with separate plugins:

  • Veeam 9.5 update 4
  • Veeam 10

1. Obtain a license

Obtain a separate license to use a Veeam+Snapshot plugin. When the Veeam version changes, you will require a new license. 

  • The platform does not load the Veeam+Snapshot plugin until the license is present and you add the properties configuration as described below

2. Configure Veeam

These instructions describe how to add the Snapshot feature to the Abiquo Veeam Backup feature. 

  • Before you install Veeam + Snapshot, first install the Abiquo Veeam Backup plugin if you don't already use it. Or upgrade your configuration for the new version of Veeam
  • Note: At the end of the Snapshot configuration or upgrade, you will need to create a new Backup manager and enable the Backup now functionality

3. Configure Abiquo properties

For a new installation of the Veeam + Snapshot backup plugin, to activate the backup plugin and define the location of the vCenter server:

  1. Log in to the Remote Services server as a superuser
    1. Edit the abiquo.properties file
    2. Set the "veeam.vcenter" properties to define the connection to the vCenter. The default value for the port is 443.

      The vCenter endpoint supplied in the properties must be exactly the same as the Manager IP of the Abiquo physical machine, even including the protocol.
      For example, ''vcenter01.example.com'' will not match ''https://vcenter01.example.com''


      The Veeam+Snapshot backup feature uses one vCenter per datacenter only

    3. Set the vmware.snapshot.keep property to define how many snapshots to keep (in date order). The default value is 2, which means that if you request

  2. Log in to the Abiquo Server as a superuser
    1. Edit the abiquo.properties file

    2. To make the API load the Veeam-Snapshot backup plugin, set the "veeam.vcenter" credentials properties, for example, copy the values from one of the Remote Services servers.

  3. Restart the Abiquo Tomcat servers for the changes to take effect.

4. Optionally change labels for snapshot backups

To help users better understand the snapshot feature we recommend that you change some UI labels in the custom labels for your languages.

Current labels

    "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.button.backupnow":"Backup now",
   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.latestbackups.title":"Latest backups",
    "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.latestbackups":"Latest backups",
    "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.restoredbackups":"Restore requests",

Suggested custom labels

   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.button.backupnow":"Take snapshot",
   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.latestbackups.title":"Latest activity",
   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.latestbackups":"Latest activity",
   "virtualmachine.edit.backup.backups.tab.restoredbackups":"Backup restore requests",

For details of how to create custom language files, see Abiquo UI Client Language Configuration.

5. Configure Abiquo to use Snapshots

  1. Go to Infrastructure → select a datacenter → Backup
  2. Click Backup manager
  3. Delete the Veeam Backup manager
  4. Create a new Backup manager and select the Veeam+Snapshot plugin for your Veeam version
  5. Edit the Backup properties and select Enable backup now