Abiquo 5.2

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When login fails, the UI redirects to a login error page. You can customize this page to display relevant error messages. 

To create the error message text:

  1. Edit the labels file for your language, for example, lang_en_US_custom.json
  2. For each error message, add a label with the error parameter code as follows

    "login.error.ERRORPARAMETER": "Error message text",

    For more details about customizing UI labels, see Abiquo UI Client Language Configuration.

  3. If there is no error query parameter, the platform will display the default error, which you can configure as follows:

    "login.error.DEFAULT*" : "Default error text"

When there is an error, the URL will redirect to the error page with the error query parameter.

For example, for a UI server at abiquo.example.com:


And the UI will display the error page with the error message text.

To configure display of custom error messages for SAML, on the Abiquo API Server, set the following property to point to your UI server:

abiquo.saml.redirect.error.endpoint = https://abiquo.example.com/ui/?error=ERRORPARAMETER
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