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Abiquo 4.6

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Abiquo 4.5 enables you to configure a Cookie policy message and add a link to your Privacy policy.

Configure a privacy policy

To configure a privacy policy:

  1. Create your privacy policy in HTML format. 
  2. Make the file available on a web server
    • You can add it to the Abiquo UI Server filesystem in an appropriate content folder, where it will be served by the UI web server. 
  3. Edit the client-config-custom.json file and enter a custom URL to override the default URL. 

        "client.cookies.policy.url" : "https://www.abiquo.com/Privacy-Policy/ "

    See Configure Abiquo UI

Configure a cookie message and button labels for the feature

To configure a cookie message and button labels for this feature:

  1. Edit the language files for the languages on your platform.  See Abiquo UI Client Language Configuration
    Change the default labels for the cookie message and the privacy policy, which  are as follows. 

        "login.cookies.info":"The Abiquo Cloud Platform uses cookies to give you a consistent experience as you use the service. If you want to know more, please read our privacy policy.",
        "login.cookies.accept.button":"I understand",
        "login.cookies.policy.button":"Privacy policy",

Abiquo cookies

  • Abiquo creates the following cookie for use by the Abiquo Server:
    • ABQSESSIONID tracks user sessions
      • To display Users → Users → Show logged
      • To remove stale sessions
      This cookie does not handle user authentication
  • The Abiquo UI creates cookies for Google Analytics
  • Abiquo creates the following cookies to improve the user experience with the user interface and stores them on the user's local system
    • _cle saves the user cookie agreement ("I understand" button click)
    • userChoices
      • automaticallyOpenServersView from Create datacenter dialog
      • automaticallyOpenVappView from Create virtual appliance dialog
      • automaticallyOpenTutorials from login
      • automaticallyOpenMaintenance from login

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_cle: user cookie agreement

userChoices: automaticallyOpenServersView

userChoices: automaticallyOpenVappView

userChoices: automaticallyOpenTutorials

userChoices: automaticallyOpenMaintenance

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