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Abiquo 4.7

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Admin Guide 1. Abiquo: Network

The main platform networks to configure for Abiquo are:

  • Management network: for managing the cloud platform, including monitoring of infrastructure and VMs, and deployment of VM templates
  • Service network: for VM communications, including virtual networks
  • Storage network: for virtual storage on external storage devices, optional

Configure each of these networks as a separate network. The service network requires VLAN support and its configuration is described in more detail in Configuring the Service Network for Cloud Tenant Networks

Within an Abiquo datacenter, every hypervisor should be connected to the top-of-rack switch to connect:

  • to the management network in access mode.
  • to the storage network in access mode
  • to the service network in trunk mode.

The following diagram gives another perpective of the Abiquo platform networks.



Manually Configuring Multiple DHCP Relay Servers
Network Configuration for Virtualizing Abiquo