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Abiquo 5.0

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In private cloud datacenters, unmanaged networks are a special type of external network with IP addresses that are allocated outside of the platform. Abiquo does not manage the IP addresses for VMs attached to these networks.

Before you begin, obtain the details of your network in the infrastructure, including the VLAN tag, network address, and gateway.

To create unmanaged networks do these steps:

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Private → select Datacenter → Datacenter details → Network → External.
  2. At the top of the External page, click the Add + button  
  3. Complete the dialog as described, marking the Unmanaged checkbox.



The name of the unmanaged VLAN with up to 128 characters

IPv6To create an IPv6 network, select this checkbox
StrictFor IPv6 networks only. If you select Strict, Abiquo will automatically generate EUI64 IP addresses and you will not be able to manually generate them


The network address of the VLAN


The network mask in CIDR format


The gateway of the network. It must be an IP address inside the range defined by the network address and the network mask


The VLAN tag to use for this VLAN

CheckCheck tag availability for all racks of the datacenter. You should define a VLAN with the same tag on all racks. Green = available, Yellow = in use, Red = unavailable
Network service typeSelect the Network Service Type, which represents a network interface on the hypervisors


Select to create an unmanaged network, when you will manage IP addresses outside Abiquo


Select the owner enterprise that will use the unmanaged VLAN

DeviceNot used for unmanaged networks

Primary DNS

The IP address of the Primary DNS server

Secondary DNS

The IP address of the Secondary DNS server

DNS suffix

The default DNS suffix

RestrictedMark this checkbox to create a Restricted network. To work with IPs in a restricted network, users require the privileges to Attach NICs in restricted networks and/or Detach NICs from restricted networks
Excluded from firewallSelect Excluded from firewall to define a network where VM firewalls will not apply
Static routes

Not used for unmanaged networks

To display IP addresses of NICS in unmanaged networks, add them:

  • using the API; or
  • during VM capture using the UI or API 

For strict IPv6 networks, you cannot add IP addresses, but the platform retrieves the MAC address from the hypervisor and uses that to generate an IPv6 address for display, which should be the same as the one allocated by the router system.

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