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Abiquo 5.0

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The platform can create firewall policies in virtual datacenters in the provider, or in the platform only, for later use in providers, depending on provider support.

Privilege: Manage firewall

To create a new firewall, do these steps:

  1. Go to Virtual datacentersNetworkFirewalls
  2. Click the Add button
  3. Enter the firewall details




    Name of the firewall policy.

    LocationPublic cloud region
    Virtual datacenter
    • Virtual datacenter: The platform will create your firewall in the cloud provider. It will add a provider-ID that will display on the main Firewalls page. The platform will synchronize rules with the provider
    • No virtual datacenter: If allowed by the provider. The platform will create the firewall in the platform only, for your enterprise in the public cloud region. The platform will not synchronize rules with the provider. The platform will create the firewall in the provider when you select a virtual datacenter.
    DefaultOptional. Select to make the firewall the default for the virtual datacenter


    Description of the firewall policy

  4. Click Save to create the firewall
  5. Add Firewall rules as described below

If you entered a virtual datacenter, the platform created your firewall in the provider. The platform will display a Provider-ID and a Virtual datacenter ID for the firewall. 

If you selected No virtual datacenter, the firewall will be created in the platform in the public cloud region for your enterprise. The synchronize process will not update this firewall. The platform will not create it in the provider until you select a virtual datacenter.

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