Abiquo 5.2

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To create a virtual machine (VM) do the following steps:

  1. Open the Virtual datacenters view by clicking its icon
  2. If there are no virtual appliances to hold groups of VMs, click Create a virtual appliance
    Enter a Name and select a Virtual datacenter, and enter optional values and click Save
  3. Open a virtual appliance to hold a group of VMs by clicking the Open button on its card
  4. To create a VM, click Create virtual machine and select a VM template. You can also double-click the VM template
    If there is more than one version of the VM template, you can select another version.
    For the Label, enter a user-friendly name for the VM.
  5. If required, select a hardware profile

  6. If required, accept the terms of use
  7. If required, select a datastore tier, which is the datastore service level, for your VM disk/s

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    Select a hardware profile

    Select a datastore tier

    Accept VM template terms

The platform will create your VM. The status bar on the VM icon displays the NOT_ALLOCATED state, which means that the VM has not been launched into the cloud.