Abiquo 5.1

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To enable users to deploy a VM even more quickly and easily, Abiquo 5.1 introduces this new feature to create and deploy a VM from anywhere.

You can start with the orange +VM button on any screen or from a template in the Apps library.

If you started from the +VM button, select a VDC and VApp, and then a template. Users with the required privileges can create VDCs and VApps as part of the process.

If you started from a template, select a hypervisor (if required), a VDC and a VApp.

You can then deploy directly, or automatically go to the virtual appliance, in order to edit the VM.

It is also possible to open the advanced configuration before you deploy.

To enable this feature you need to add the property "client.tmp.button.createvm.enabled": true  to the file  client-config-custom.json , and you must log out and log in again to see the effects (no need to restart any services).

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