Abiquo 5.1

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To create an excluded network:

  1. Go to Infrastructure → Private → select a datacenter → Servers view → Network → Excluded
  2. Click the + Add button and enter the network details



    Network Name

    The name of the network to exclude of up to 128 characters

    IPv6To exclude an IPv6 network, select this checkbox


    The network address of the network to exclude


    The network mask in CIDR format. For IPv4, the networks created in the platform the netmask can have a value from 16 to 30 inclusive, and for IPv6, it can have a value of 64, 56, or 48.

  3. Click Save. 
  4. If users already have private networks with this range, the platform will display a warning popup. To force the creation of the excluded range, click Confirm. 

The platform will exclude the network range. Users with existing private networks within the excluded range can continue to work with them. But if the users delete the networks, they will not be able to create them again.