Abiquo 5.0

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Abiquo 4.6.1 introduces some changes to the styling using CSS of Abiquo dashboards and the content of the dashboards.

Branding changes

To customize the color of the background of the widget panels, use the following CSS in your theme style sheet and replace the color as required.

.widgets-container {
background-color: #e7e8ee7d;

Also, if your documentation uses screenshots, it may be useful to update them to display the changes described in the following section.

Dashboard changes

On all tabs, the widget boxes have been rounded. On the Metrics tab, the display limit of five elements has been removed, for example, for Last deployed VMs and Last triggered alerts.

On the Hybrid tab, the Billing dashboard chart is now an attractive bar chart.

On the Optimization tab, the display limit of five elements has also been removed. In the UI configuration, the administrator can set thresholds for obtaining the highest and lowest usage results for CPU and RAM.

And the widget to display “Virtual machines - longest time ON” will now display “Virtual machines - longest time deployed” with the time deployed in days and hours.

To enable the UI to quickly and efficiently obtain these optimization values, new query parameters were added to the API requests to get VM usage statistics. These parameters include “stat”, to specify a statistic such as maximum, minimum, or average, as well as “over” and “under” to specify the high and low thresholds.