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In Abiquo 5.2.1+, you can deploy VMs from templates created from OVAs with parameters.

You will need a compatible OVA template with guest tools. Abiquo supports OVAs like the ones you can create using VMware systems for working with vCenter or vCenter clusters, and the OVA can contain one VM with multiple disks.

In Abiquo, first create a VM template from the OVA as usual by uploading the OVA. See Upload OVA templates from the local filesystem.

Go to the Apps library Catalogue for your datacenter and to add the new VM template, upload the OVA file.

You can then edit the template and create variables to match your OVF parameters, using the prefix "ovfenv."

When you create a VM from the template, the platform will add these variables to the VM. You can then edit the VM and update, change, or add variables as required.

When you deploy the VM, the platform will make the ovfenv variables available as the OVF environment parameters. 

From the deployed VM, you can retrieve the parameters inside the OVF environment document using guest tools, with the following command.

vmtoolsd --cmd "info-get guestinfo.ovfenv"

See Deploy a VM from an OVA with parameters

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