Abiquo 5.2

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This page describes how to configure Google Cloud Platform billing data for display on the dashboard of the Abiquo multi-cloud platform.

  1. To configure Google to supply billing data, follow Google documentation to set up billing data export.
    See https://cloud.google.com/billing/docs/how-to/export-data-bigquery-setup
    This will require permissions to administer the account.
    To summarize, you can go to the Google console →  BigQuery →  select the Project and create a dataset, for example, "billingDatasetId". Note the name of your billing dataset.
  2. Check that the service account for Abiquo has the "Big Query Viewer" role
  3. Log in to Abiquo and edit the Abiquo enterprise
  4. Go to Properties and enter the properties as described here.

    dataset_idName of your billing dataset, e.g. billingDatasetId
    googleCloudPlatform_price_factorOptional markup property
    googleCloudPlatform_discountOptional discount property
  5. If you already entered the compute credentials but did not mark Also use for pricing, go to Credentials→ Pricing and enter them in the following format:
    • Access key ID: project_id#client_id#client_email#private_key_id
    • Secret access key: private_key
    For details of how to obtain these credentials, see Obtain Google Cloud Platform credentials
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