Abiquo 5.3

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Abiquo 5.2 extends the billing dashboards to support the Google Cloud Platform and Abiquo has also integrated the public cloud billing dashboards into the core platform.Your users can now display the billing data in the Home View dashboard on the Hybrid page. For more details, see Hybrid#Billingdetails.

The dashboards can display data for both customers of resellers (such as APN and CSP), through a reseller configuration, as well as for standard accounts that customers obtained directly from the cloud provider. 

The Google Cloud Platform billing data will display in the Abiquo multi-cloud platform. To configure this feature, do these steps:

  1. Obtain your Google Cloud Platform credentials. See Obtain Google Cloud Platform credentials
  2. Allow the Abiquo platform to access and display your billing data. See Display Google Cloud Platform billing data and Configure dashboard display

The platform will display the Last bills from your Google Cloud Platform account with a breakdown of the bills by services.

And it will also display an amount as the Estimated bill for the current month based on daily usage data. 

For Azure and Amazon, you will need to upgrade the billing dashboards as part of the Abiquo upgrade process. See Upgrade Abiquo

To add the billing dashboards to your environment, follow the instructions at: Display cloud provider billing data

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