Abiquo 5.0

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Rule type

Select Load level compute


Select All or a specific rack


Select All or a specific server.

If you are using a cluster as a physical machine, select the "Server" radio button to create rules for the cluster


If you are using vCenter with ESXi, the platform detects the clusters. Select a specific cluster

A cluster rule affects all hosts irrespective of their state, for example, it applies to hosts that are powered off.


Select to create a rule for the sum of all resources in a group (datacenters, racks, or clusters). This means that the platform will sum all of the resources in the group and calculate the load level percentage of the total in order to determine the available resources for the group.

Service Port

The port used by the cloud nodes to connect to the storage technology


Percentage usage of memory to allow. We DO NOT recommend the overallocation of RAM

CPU cores

Percentage usage of CPU cores to allow. We DO NOT recommend the oversubscription of CPU cores